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  The Youth Science Education Foundation’s greatest aim is to instill the life-long pleasure that investigation of our natural world brings. The life of science is a life of deep spiritual and intellectual fulfillment and is the right of all children.

  YSEF, co-located in Tucson, Arizona and Santa Clara, California, has encouraged young people since 2003 to be curious about the physical sciences. Direct, hands-on experimentation and demonstration of natural processes create a deep understanding of the principles and methods of the physical sciences. The truest form of learning is by doing and love of hands-on science can start at a very young age. To that end, low-income elementary schools in Arizona and California, most of them lacking science instruction, are visited for science presentations during the school day. Field trips, instruction, and experimental design are all provided by volunteers and are designed to appeal to elementary school students of all academic abilities. Volunteers are local science and engineering professionals, university faculty, and science education students.

  YSEF encourages students to take pleasure in observing the physical world around them and to develop analytical skills they will have for their entire lives. The result will be more American scientists and an informed electorate of knowledgeable consumers who understand scientific and natural resource issues.


YSEF has no paid employees and all funding is through your completely tax-deductible charitable donations. YSEF is a nonprofit Arizona corporation recognized under the Federal Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Our Federal EIN is 20-0528248.

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